Your app sends email. Are you sure it's getting out?

MailPing Is.

Mailping is a free service that monitors if (or if not) an email message is sent
and can then alert you when that message is sent (or not).

So what would you use something like that for, exactly?

Scenario A:
Check that a regularly scheduled email is sent.

Say you have an and automated system that email a report to your boss ever day at 7am. Your boss needs it by 9am and if he doesn't have it in his mailbox there is hell to pay. What do you do?

Mailping can watch for that email at that time and if the email doesn't get sent it will send you an alert letting you know something went wrong and gives you enough time to fix it before your boss is any wiser.

Scenario B:
Filter mountains of automated email.

What if you have some old service that constantly emails stats reports, but only occasionally are they important.

Mailping will let you build filters so you only get alerted about the important messages you need to see.

Scenario C:
Make sure actions that should send mail are.

You have user actions that should reliably result in email being sent.

Using Mailping and a tool like unix cron you can your user defined action on your server every day at a certain time. Then Mailping can watch for the email that should be sent. No email? Mailping will let you know.

Scenario D:
Roll your own

Mailping is a customizable system of rules and actions so you can use it to accomplish any task that you want triggered by receiving and email -- or not recieving one, too!